MY17 C300 Loaner Predicament


I was negotiating a MY17 C300 loaner for the longest time via email and phone. I went down to the dealership yesterday (near closing) to take a look at the car and give my MBFS credit application.

However, when I checked out the car everything was fine except the back-up camera was not functioning properly. When switched into Reverse it would simply show for a second and then turn off. They said they will take care of this, however this was sort of disturbing for me.

This is the first time I’m going to be leasing a car and it was making me a bit uneasy.Because I went near closing they told me they would notify me in the morning about my credit app, which was approved w/MSD, but I am wondering how concerned I should be about the malfunctioning back up camera?

Could this be a signal of issues with the vehicle or perhaps a warning sign of more issues to come?

Also, what are everyone’s take on Tire and Wheel Protection and Prepaid Maintenance. I thought both were extremely expensive. I was considering opting for the prepaid maintenance but that was ($1420) and could be residualized. I think I can negotiate this down, but now I am wondering if I should simply walk away from this deal due to the back-up camera issue?

I wouldn’t assume just because a backup camera malfunctions the rest of the car is going to blow up. These things happen with all makes/models.

It’ll be under warranty, no reason to sweat it. They said they would take care of it.

And you’re going to get rid of it in 2-3 years as well (Assuming you dont buy it out) dont let a little faulty camera scare you away from a good deal (assuming its a good deal)

Pass on the tire and wheel protection.

Do the math on the residualized prepaid maintenance. How much are you actually paying? I took it on my prev bluetec b/c with a 70+ percent RV it was a no-brainer

@ralphsaphony it is decent deal I think, not amazing. My quote

@max_g I think the residual is like 58.8% when accounting for the mileage adjustment, he mentioned it would roughly be $27/mo. residualized. But, I am not sure how he arrived at that number. Do you know how to do the calculation for it?

Your calc link doesn’t work. What’s the RV % before the mileage adjustment?

That doesn’t seem like that great of a deal, even if the car was in perfect condition. Is that the buyrate MF?

To be honest if a repair to the backup camera scares you, perhaps MB isn’t for you. Them come prepackaged with gremlins. Some lay dormant, others run amuck. Can be pretty frustrating, unless you have a good service department at your local mb dlr. Yes, go for the PPM.

Sorry, I fixed the link, it was 60% before adjustment @max_g

@Jon it is not buyrate MF, buyrate is 0.00089, I tried pushing lower with sales manager but they didn’t seem to budge. I thought it was decent for my first lease, but perhaps it is not. I know there are still like 20-40$ per month left on the table because of the MF. and higher acq. fee. Do you think that is something I can still negotiate with finance manager at this stage?

@Mort perhaps, I mean I was just disappointed that it wasn’t functioning properly when I went to inspect/test it. It is like meeting someone and having a bad first impression

It’s a 2017, most likely they’ll stop lease support on them this month. Like Jon said the deal isnt anything crazy.

  1. Change it over to 24Mos itll lower it ever so slightly
  2. Push for more discount. They’ve literally marked up everything…

Max out the duration unless it’s a big discount. IMO these deals won’t be around in 2-3 years

It would be around $6/mo. savings according to my calculations. May I ask what are the reasons you believe these deals will not be around in the future?

Good point, personal preference of mine. I get bored quick.

Current residuals are untenable, esp on sedans.
Rates are rising, so will MF.

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How many miles on the car?

What’s MB’s current formula for demo mile adjustment? (Odo - 3,000) * 20 or 25 cents?

MB is 20 cents/mile.

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By my calculation it costs $650 at MSRP or 18 per month



Ok, mileage is 5690, but how does $852 = $650 at msrp or 18 per month. I was also getting $852

You have to add 1420 to your adj cap cost and add 852 to your residual

The rest is interest