MY16 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan Lease Info Please

If you have it available, could I please have the RV and MF for the ATS-V Sedan for 36, 39 and 48 months with 10K miles/year. Also, are you aware of any conquest lease cash or any other lease cash that might be available? My zip is 33473.


I like your taste in fast GM sedans! Here you go:

2016 ATS-V Sedan, 10K/year
36 mo = 62%, .00070
39 mo = 60%, .00070
42 mo = 59%, .00099
48 mo = 56%, .00099

$0 CCR cash. $750 GM lease loyalty and $1,500 Conquest Cash for Lincoln owners.

Single-pay lease lowers MF by .00073 (minumum of .00001). Acquisition fee and disposition are $595 each.

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Thank you for the information. Does GM Financial with Cadillac do multiple security deposit MF reductions? Also, is there a deduction in the RV for a manual transmission?

GM Financial does not offer multiple security deposits. The residuals are the same regardless of transmission.


Isn’t there risk involved in single pay leases?

Yes, there is tremendous risk when it comes to doing a single pay lease.

If you do a one pay lease, and the next day your car is stolen or totalled, insurance pays off the value of the vehicle, but the money you have paid upfront may never be seen again.

This is similar to how a capitalized cost reduction is at risk in the event of a total vehicle loss. Of course, with the one pay lease, you have much more money at risk.

Could I please get an update to this information with the February numbers?

2016 ATS-V Sedan, 10K/year
36 mo = 61%, .00065
39 mo = 59%, .00065
42 mo = 58%, .00097
48 mo = 55%, .00097

$0 CCR cash. $750 Cadillac lease loyalty.

Thank you for checking on that for me.

Does anyone have updated numbers for MY 16 cars still on lot? MY 17?


Would you be able to provide these numbers for current month in So Cal. Thanks!