My QX60 lease ends 7/21...What would you do?

I appreciate any and all feedback you all can provide. I have been out of the market for a little while now.

My wife’s Infinity QX60 lease ends on 7/21 (in exactly 4 months) and I am not sure what I should do about getting her into a new lease. We used to care about what brand we drive but not as much anymore. We care more about getting a good deal and that her vehicle has 3 rows of seats.

The current QX60 she drives is the best deal we have gotten yet. $330 per month for 39 months after I gave about $3500 in security deposits. I owe like 3 payments at the end of the lease that they allowed me to skip at the beginning of the pandemic when I lost my job. I’m guessing I’ll just tell them to take that out of the security deposits. In addition, before I turn it in I will have to pay someone a couple hundred bucks to repaint the front bumper since it has some scratches that made it to the black plastic part.

What would you do? Wait until the very end of the lease before turning in? Also should I try to get the same deal on a new QX60?l Is that even realistic? Is there another deal you suggest I look at for another 3 row crossover or suv?

Thanks in advance for all your guidance

Don’t know about infinity, but in general there is a supply issue in the current market. To get a better deal you are probably better off waiting until closer to when the next model years start coming out, but you are also putting yourself at risk that there won’t be much, if any, supply left for what you want.

I would check stock now on the car you would like to see how low inventory is.

Start checking Carvana, Vroom, Carmax, etc… and see if you can unload it for at least break even so you don’t have to spend any $$$ on repaint or turn in fees or make up any payments. Never too early to start planning. Get your payoff amount both for personal and for selling to a dealer (dealer will be less - no sales tax). Some of these companies may not buy out Nissan leases, so find out now rather than later when it is too late for plan B or C!

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Infiniti… Infinit ~i~

As someone else had mentioned, check around into selling the vehicle yourself. If it were me, I would at least begin trying to formulate a deal now. If there is one thing that sets you up for a bad deal, it is NEED. Don’t wait until you need a another vehicle. As far as the lease on a new Infiniti, it may be possible for the QX60…but many of the leases are not what they were a few years ago. I’ve had 3 Infinti leases and I’ve worked with MANY dealers. I got those for pennies on the dollar for what the standard is today.

Also, Infiniti’s fiscal EOY is the end of this month IIRC…so time is really ticking if you’re looking to score a deal on a leftover 2020 model. Historically, Feb/March was always the sweet spot for me.


Our QX60 lease ends in October. I’m in a similar situation as you. Just want the best lease available, regardless of the brand. We have a Palisade as well, so don’t need another 3 row vehicle, but would be nice having that.

I’m hoping production, as well as the market as a whole is in a better position come October.

Carvana, Vroom, AlGo, etc… are all WAY below the RV on my QX60. I think Carvana was about $8K under RV as of last week… I just purchased a touch up paint kit to repair a small 4" scratch. Cost me about $30 shipped. I’ll also need new tires before I turn it in, hoping I can find some used 20’s with decent mileage left on them.

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I’m in same boat was wife’s QX60 is up at end of August and offers are way below RV even being way under mileage . Probably moving to a 2 row crossover for her. She liked the QX50 loaner we had the last time hers was in for service. Will probably look at one of those, an XC60 or something domestic. Prices are much higher now.

Check carmax online offer. I have a Nissan that I don’t really need as I am wfh right now. the payoff is 19300 and vroom offered 16200. Carvana offered about 17500 but found out they don’t buy out Nissan/Infiniti anymore for whatever reason. On a whim, I checked carmax and their initial offer was 18100, and after checking on line in incognito mode for a week, locked in at 19100. Checked vroom again just for the heck of it, they are still at 16500. Obviously it all depends on market demand in your area, but you might be surprised with carmax!

No Carmax where I live. Closest one is 200 miles away.

Online? Doesn’t Carmax have to do a physical inspection of the vehicle before you actually lock down a specific offer?

Carmax now offers online appraisals

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “ both for personal and for selling to a dealer (dealer will be less - no sales tax)” ??

Thanks :slight_smile:

There is often a different pay out amount if a dealer is buying the vehicle than the pay off amount if you’re buying it.

Gotcha! Do you know if there is a way for me to find out what the dealer payoff would be? Or is that something that has to be requested by a dealer?

Log in to your Infiniti/Nissan financial account. About half way down the page there is a “get payoff quote”or request payoff balance or something like that. This is the dealer payoff amount.

When I go to the inifiniti finance page i saw a pop up for a pre-approved offer good until 5/1. It says I am preapproved for $430 per month. I am assuming its on a new QX60. I currently pay $330 per month (gave like $3500 in security deposits when signing lease). Do you all think I can buy down that pre-approval monthly payment with security deposits?

If not, how does $430 per month sound in today’s market?

Payoff letter says “ This letter is confirmation of a payoff quote in the amount of $28,292.03 for the above referenced vehicle. If applicable, the payoff has been reduced as a result of NILT’s retention of the security deposit.”

Does that mean that without my 3k or so in security deposits my payoff would have been close to 32k?

Lease support has ended on the 2020s and the new model isn’t out yet, so it’s not a real number.

That sounds like the payoff number they gave you has already had your security deposits applied, so yes, closer to $32k

Payoff letter says $28,292
Carmax online offer says $25,200
That would be a 5k loss

If I wait until end of lease and just turn it in, I should get back about $2500 which is my $3500 in security deposits minus 3 deferred payments when covid first hit and I lost my job.

Any thoughts on how I should handle? I’m guessing Car Max would offer more than any local dealer I swing by to try to sell to. Right?

I don’t know how the buy out works if you deferred payments. I would assume that the payoff includes this already.

With that said, if memory serves, Nissan/Infiniti won’t sell to most 3rd party dealers anyway.