My PSA to Californians: Stop Driving Around Without License Plates, You Dummy




It was extremely baffling the first time I went to CA and saw all these cars driving around without plates. Never seen anything like it before…or since lol.


gotta love the CAR PROs of KIA, selling their KIAs to douchebags all across socal. I swear, there is always some forte weaving in and out of traffic


They’ve started issuing temporary plates in CA, but that hasn’t stopped people from continually doing it. Better are the ones with temp paper plates that have already expired, like the Sentra that cut me off earlier today on the 55. We ended up taking the same exit, got up behind them, and noticed that the paper plate expired two months ago. Give me a break.

I’ve noticed the new thing, especially for Telsa drivers, is to not even bother and drive without plates. We get it, you have a new-ish Model 3. Get over yourself.

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Do they not “install” the temp plates at the store when you take delivery? On both my cars leased this year the dealers placed them on front and back.


Here in WA state, we just have a piece of paper that gets taped into the rear window and the actual plates come in the mail 3-4 weeks later.


LMAO… who wrote this?


In VA we get registration and new plates installed before driving off the lot.

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I leave front plate off and keep small (expired) corner windshield sticker on so CA police don’t bother me (because it’s illegal to have only rear plate).


I thought only BMW drivers did that. Competition…


They do it to drive for free on the toll roads. Camera will take a photo of ? and nothing will happen.


Yes, that’s one advantage of not having plates.


What happens if you purchase a car in a different state, and they ship it without temp license plates?


Call and ask them where the plates are.

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Sorry I meant a new car purchased from dealer in, for example Nevada or Arizona, where they do not require temp license plates and they ship car to CA. What does new owner do now that the law requires temp license plates before actual license plates come in the mail?


I have had dealer plates on my car for the last 2 cars = 4 years. It’s not to “show off” or flaunt that’s its new…


free bridges and no red light camera tickets was nice while it lasted… lol
now cars are all supposed to get these temporary plates. The real reason I kept my dealer paper plates was to park up front at work with all the for sale trucks and not have to walk from the back employee lot lol.

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Exactly. I’m going to keep my dealer plate on. Worst case I play dumb or get a fix it ticket…


It’s not a fix-it ticket. It’s a fine of at least $196. Just curious, why don’t you want to put the plates on?


It’s a fixing ticket.
I got one a month ago for no plate + tints.
$25 fee at court after getting it fixed and signed off.
Not worth the hassle though, I put my plates on.