My lease return experience BMW X1 at dealer - warning

I had a pre-inspection done on my BMW X1 (thanks to this forum), no damage listed. Went in to lease a new X1, and the dealer employee inspects my old X1 and comes back with a list of items that need to be ‘repaired’ (small dings on both doors, small scratches etc). Then I get the ‘hard sell’ about how much it would cost to repair everything (almost 2K), but I should just sign the new inspection return report and he would work his ‘magic’ to reduce the price. I almost signed it, but I told him repeatedly I had a pre-inspection at his dealership showing nothing wrong. 30 minutes of this BS before he relented. The rest of the sales process was great, but the dealer almost screwed me out of a lot of money. I love my new car, but that really put me off BMW. Hopefully this helps someone on this site - get a pre-inspection on your lease return and be prepared to stand your ground. This forum saved me!


I had a similar experience on a 428XI convertible, pre inspection notes 3 items of concern with approx costs. Dealer notes those 3 and adds 3 more which were noted on the original report at $0. Turned me off to BMW as well. Just seemed like they tried to squeeze every last nickle out of me.

Exactly. I hate being nickled and dimed. Doubt I will lease a BMW again.

Greasy tactics. Won’t miss car dealerships in the future. Seems like a better deal when all of sudden you’re facing all these surprise charges that will wave because they’re such great people trying to help you out. Eyeroll.

To be fair, this does sound a bit more like an issue with your local dealer, not bmw


Technically true but OEMs also need to take some responsibility for their franchise dealers. BMW takes almost none.


How hard did they try to sell you excess wear products on the new one?

“You want peace of mind for next time, don’t you? And it’s only an extra $14 a month… Less than one Starbucks a week!”

Nice job holding your ground. I would have walked the second they relented and the form was signed by them and by you… with a :fu: on the way out.

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