My friend recommended me to this site, I have a question


A good friend of mine recommended this site to me after finding out I’m looking to lease this month

It’s all a lot to take in, and pretty confusing at first glance, I’m not exactly sure where to go with my questions

Im currently looking to lease a 2022 Volvo XC40 inscription fwd, I live in south Florida, my zip code is 33442

Im obviously here with the goal of receiving the best possible deal on this car, I may just need guidance on how I should go about that

Thanks ahead of time! :slight_smile:

Have you tried reading leasehackr 101 and searching the forum for the car you want to see what other people are getting and what brokers are offering?

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Thanks for the response, I actually have looked at what other people near me have been offered for this same car, how can I use this knowledge as an advantage at a dealership? Should I simply bring up that I found better offers on this site to the dealer? With that matter to them?

First rule of leasehackr
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Use all the resources found on this website to formulate a deal you think is fair and offer it to them. Take it or leave it. Do this all via email/text NOT in person.

You can start with changing your target car.

In case You have no time to learn how the lease work here is what one of FL broker offers.
You can go to marketplace and find more offers from another brokers.

What makes you say that?

XC40 has never really leased particularly well. During normal times, you could get an xc60 cheaper. Probably still the same.

I’ve heard this before that in many cases the xc60 is close in price

I’m also in the market for a Mazda CX-5 as well

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