My car won’t start

Hi guys good night

I was driving in the highway when suddenly i hear big ban and all the light started popping up randomly and car stop

I pull on the side of the road and then i could not turn my car backup

What should i do ?
Call my insurance?
or take the car to the dealer ?

I have a feeling that maybe a lightning but the cannot be 100% and there is no damage on the outside.

To be clear this is a leased car .

What car? Call a tow truck, take it to the nearest shop to get it checked out

call your insurance/ triple aaa

Call AAA, roadside for your car(manufacturer), or insurance.

What car do you have?

It a VW

Yes already got a towing company to take the car home but now i have the following dilemma

my concern is if i call my insurance the claim is through them and insurance will go up

If i call VW they should take care if it right ? Like car defective

If it’s a lease, go through the manufacturer… insurance has nothing to do with this.

Do you call the insurer if your car breaks down? Insurance has nothing to do with mechanical breakdowns… unless you bought one of their rider policies :grin:


True but the manufacture will most likely not going to tow his vehicle right now, insurance/ triple aaa will. But you are right

Tow the car to the VW dealer and let them tell you what’s wrong.


Dealer will arrange and pay for towing.

Standard lack of info, no year no model, don’t know if it’s under warranty and don’t know if they ran something over or if it just crapped out.


and if the dealership was closed at that time?

And why LH? Why is “the car is leased” thought to be the most salient piece of information?

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OP what are we missing here? Is your leased car somehow out of warranty?

That’s enough of this