Msrp price guarantee for chrysler pacifica hybrid order?

I put an order in for a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited (with S appearance package) in January 2022 at MSRP $52,500. Dealer said our price would be 5% below MSRP. I was expecting a monthly lease price around $650/mo ($0 due at due at signing).

The car has finally arrived, but MSRP is now $55,017. Dealer will not guarantee the original MSRP- they said it’s out of their control. So the actual monthly lease price with current numbers is now above $750/mo. That feels like a lot for a minivan!

I’m in MI. Dealer is in PA.

  1. Is it typical for the order price to not be guaranteed? I understood that the residual and money factor could change by the time I got the car, but I thought the price would remain the same.

  2. Here’s a pic of the calculation from the dealer- what do you all think? 36 mo, 10k miles, $0 due at signing

1.) you should have had sold order protection and received the Pacifica for 5% under the price found on the POC. EDIT if you do the math 5% below MSRP of $52,500 is $49,875. Your price is showing $50,426. Looks like there is a $551 discrepancy. I think your payment has increased due to programs changing.

2.) $750/month is very close to what an 84 month loan payment would be for the same van and you could claim the $7,500 tax credit (assuming you have enough tax liability).

Suggestion: I would step back and punt and order another from @Clutch or @AutoCompanion and lock in your sales price, discount, buyrate MF and get a better deal.

It sucks you’ve waited once, but there’s better deals available on this same vehicle.

@wantingadeal Thanks for these thoughts.

@Clutch @AutoCompanion what do you think? Can you get me something better?

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Hello! It looks like we can but you will have to wait for an order. For a quote, please fill this up:


LeaseCompanion Team

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Wouldn’t he get in trouble with FCA for doing 2 orders in a short time?

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@AutoCompanion Filled out form and submitted- thanks!

Have you been following the 4xe, TRX, 392, Hellcat thread? No chance he gets cancelled for (2). I currently have (2) open fca leases and (4) more vehicles on offer (split between my wife and I).

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I was, all I remember is someone getting nailed for ordering 1, flipping and trying to order another. If it’s allowing 3…oh that’s nice.

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Had 3 active orders and all were delivered this spring.


In the alternative, OP could take delivery of this one & try to flip it for a profit if it’s there (OP do your due dilligence to see if there’s meat on the bone) while simultaneously ordering a 2nd one through LC or Clutch

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Thanks @Bumboola . what’s your rec for best places to gather info to estimate what I might be able to get if I flip in 6 months or 1 year?

There’s so much info out there- what’s most reliable or what do the people who do this regularly rely on?

I like to grab a VIN of a used one that has the same options & input that to some of the places listed above to get a baseline

@Bumboola thx!

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