MSRP Discount %?

Wondering if you had any advice on how to determine what the right discount off of MSRP was to target for a lease. I normally would look at Edmunds TMV, but now-a-days not sure how relevant or up-to-date that average selling price is given current supply/demand conditions. I also looked at the edmunds and leasehackr forums but hard to find recent postings of deals gotten for the makes and models I’m interested in (Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury, Atlas SEL Premium, Lexus GX 460 Premium, Tahoe LT). Any advice there? From gathering the numbers, seems the Atlas is the cheapest lease, followed by XT6 and then the GX460… however that’s with 0% MSRP discount… so I’m trying to fine tune it with discounts off MSRP.

I’d look through the shared deals and marketplace listings here.


Well that’s precisely the problem… the last Atlas deal share was in November… last XT6 share was in March… last GX460 was in Nov 2019!!!

You can often try to glean some information from comparing other products in their product line. Isn’t a 100% solution, but unless it’s a specialty/niche product, it’ll get you part way there.

I can’t speak for the VW or the Lexus, but GM spreads from invoice to sticker are around 3-4%. From experience, in normal times, it’s difficult to get a GM dealer to do 8-10% on new. Right now, recently looking myself, I had them offering as much as 1500 OVER sticker on a demo unit before incentives, and the better offers were in the 4-6% off on a Demo. Further, I wasn’t just scouring the lots 5 miles away from home…I was going as far as taking a plane ride out and driving back, so the net was large.

Long story short…you’re going to be searching long and hard on a GM if you want something good and there are better cars out there for the money.

The Atlas has always leased like a full-mouth tooth extraction, with only Tylenol

These only leased well during the Costco program. The trunk money has been light and the Mf has been high, and they still sell well.


Hell, that’s like last month in the scale of lexus product lifecycles. It was only one president ago.


Maybe that’s a sign that they just don’t lease well.

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@NYNJCDJR listhackr.

Can’t wait for QX60 pricing to come out next week, ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS FOR 2022 QX60, LISTHACKR SPECIAL!

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no lease cash for you

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just got quoted 10k miles 36 months 5k down

$841 hahahaha

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