Msd calculator should be added for Nissan


I’m working through with my dealers how they work, but NMAC definitely allows msds, which will help make a bunch of cars cheaper. I’ll confirm as soon as i get a concrete answer, but believe they’re the 0001 reduction that infiniti allows.

2018 - nissan maxima sl ny

Well this is certainly interesting. Although not surprising seeing as Inf allows MSDs.

Thank you for bringing this to light.


Any updates here?


I got nothing. I know they exist but my dealer won’t explain or even offer to honor msd prices.


Nissan allows up to 5 MSD, each of which is worth .00004, so not as good as Infiniti, but still something that should be available for clients outside of NY State!

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Thanks for the info! We’ll add it to the calculator. Do you have examples of deals where MSD was successfully applied?



I wish! I am still fighting with my dealer to apply it. Their finance manager refuses, which, in my opinion, costs them business. MSDs would make pathfinders, rogues, and altimas much cheaper right now.


Odd how IFS has the best MSD program but NMAC has the worst.


What’s the max MSD’s for infinity? MF seems pretty low already in SoCal. Residual is killer especially on the new QX50, Edmunds shows 50% for 15k miles.


IFS allows 9 and each reduces the MF by .0001.

Edit: Corrected thanks to @aronchi.


It allows 9


So MF is .00003 using the calculator I can only use 1 MSD, beyond that it doesn’t lower the MF. I guess that’s the limit?


You can’t use any when the mf is 00003


Ok that’s what I thought. Thanks :+1:


I just tried running my rogue deal with max msd and it could be me, but it doesn’t save you that much. .0011 turns into .0009 with 5 securities of .00004 each, unless my math is off?


Can you guys please update the nissan bank fee to $650? It increased as of 4/2. Thanks!


Updated! Thanks for letting us know.