Moving to Texas with a leased car

bad news in TX the number I was eventually transferred to 800 252 1382 with TX taxes said on a lease take over you would be charged full price of vehicle even if only for a few months or a year. Then if you purchase it, full tax again! increadable… not a friendly state for leasing. If you are the original leasee (person leasing) and you purchase it at the end, you don’t pay taxes if in contract it says you have the option to purchase at the end of the lease. at least that is good.

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One of my friend had a similar experience when she moved to Texas from California.

I moved from CO to TX 2+ years ago with an A4 lease. CO charges taxes on the lease payments. When I moved and reported my new garaging address to Audi Financial, my payment was less because Audi removed the CO sales tax altogether and did not charge me the TX taxes. As for registration, I paid a small fee to register the car, and did not get charged sales tax.


Old thread but anyway, I moved from CA to TX with my lease and all I had to pay was the $90 fee + ~$50 for registration (fuck california charging me $600+ yearly). You will not pay taxes on a car that you owned/leased prior and are moving in as a resident with.

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I’m in Ellis Co. and my January Tundra payment had about $200 extra bucks on it for the property tax.

Can you just register (RPO) it or do you need to title the car in Texas?

When I moved from NY to Texas years ago, I brought my lease here with the NYC plates. My car had 6 months left so I was in a different situation where mbusa offered to pay my last three payments which is when I returned it back at the lease end 3 month mark and got into a new c class. Didn’t have to pay anything from what I remember.

Only the owner (the bank) needs to worry about title

Change your address with the bank, ask what documents you may need for reg/plates, and then go to the DMV for reg/plates.

I am going to TX tax assessor tomorrow to register and get plates. I moved from NY to TX a couple of months ago with 2 of my 3 leased car. NY dmv is threatening to cancel my registration at the end of the month on those 2 lease unless I pay $104 fine because i am no longer insured in ny state.

I wouldn’t tell them you moved here “a couple of months ago”. As a new Texas resident you have 30 days to register the car and pay $90 tax. After 30 days technically sales tax will be due.

Well, they didnt ask anything and i am keeping with my story that i just got the car recently shipped. I got my drivers license first and dps told me that i have to register my cars first and told them my car is not in texas.

Anyway here is the breakdown.
Fees assessed $0
Title app fee $13
Tecas mobility fee $20
Sales tax fee $90
Windshield sticker $50.75
Reg fee $1
City road $10
Child safety $1.50
Inspection fee $7.50
Processing and handling $4.74
Total $198.50

My other car is $199 and too lazy to check but that is phev and this one is EV. So might be different for gas vehicle. And didnt ask to tranfer title to texas like some other states that want to get more money out of you.

I am still trying to figure out what the $50 sticker is made of. :grinning:

Thanks for this!!
I moved from NJ to TX with a leased Bolt (no sales taxes on NJ)
Hoping the fees to be around $200, as long as I do it within 30 days.
What’s the process like?

  1. Change your home address with insurance
  2. Change home address with GM financials
  3. Get TX license
  4. Register your leased car.

Is that how one should go about?

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  1. Update address with insurance.
  2. Update address with GM Financial. They should send you the information and documents you need, for example restricted power of attorney (for ‘registration purposes only’). The title is not in your name. The DMV employee was a bit confused when I went through this… Registration purposes only as it’s a lease. They may also send you Form 50-285 (Lessee’s Affidavit of Primarily Non Income Producing Vehicle Use) which you will want to fill out and have notarized, if applicable.
  3. Inspection done in-state is required before registration. Was $18.50 at a BMW dealership.
  4. DMV appointment with the documents above in hand, along with current proof of registration, insurance, and driver’s license.
    Total cost is around $200 for registration + sticker. The sticker is it here, no accompanying document.

Driver’s license is a separate matter and done at the DPS instead of DMV. You have 90 days to get your DL. You can surrender your current and valid NJ license for a TX one. $33 for the license.

I got my tx drivers license first. They dont usually allow this since you need to get your car register first but theres a workaround.

Inspection is $25.50 for non ev and $7 for EV (no emission test). Get car inspected first then go to tax assessor ofc. You need your out of state registration, inspection report and insurance with texas address. Fees for credit card is additional 2.5% so make sure you bring your check book.

Fill in and print the form online. Make sure you make an appointment online because sucks waiting at the tax assessor for walk-in.

It is important to be aware of the new state’s laws, taxes, and fees applicable with your leased vehicle. In short, yes, you can move your leased car out of state. Insure that the ability to move your is outlined in your lease agreement and/or inform your leaseholder

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