Moving to Texas - Need Suggestion to sell Cx9 or Buyout

Can someone provide guidance on below

Currently in MA and got 2019 Cx-9 36/12k lease set to expire in Nov 2022. ( current miles :16k)

I am moving to Texas end of June - can you let me know which is better option -
1.sell and cash out possible equity and buy later in Texas
2. Ship same car to Texas and buy it at end of lease

Buy later in TX

U mean to go with first option - sell it to third party and buy different car later in Texas?

why is that?

TX charges sales tax on a lease on inception. I wonder if you buyout in TX then you don’t have to pay sales tax. Or do they have a master database of all that.

Oh, you do have to pay buyout tax!

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Yes, the first one

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What are the numbers?

What’s your car worth? What’s the payoff?

How much does shipping cost? Is driving the car to Texas an option?

What would you buy in Texas if you sold the car before moving and for how much?

Thanks for suggestions

Current lease $340/month with tax for 36m/12k - didn’t use much and current miles 16k

2019 Cx-9 touring AWD Car value $37k - Payoff shows 23.7k

Shipping quote I got for $1500 - not considering to drive from MA to TX

Based on suggestions I will sell the car (will probably look for highlander or pilot)
or ship the same car

Which site do you recommend to sell ?

You plan to LOSE $1500 for a car you want to sell? Why not sell it right before?

Which site do you guys recommend - I have 30 days before I move to TX

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I just sold my 19’ CX-9 lease to my dealer last week. It too was expiring in November. They offered $100 over CarMax & $150 over Carvana ($28,500). The week prior from CarMax and Carvana was in the 25k range, so it spiked up and I grabbed the almost $4,700 equity. I checked pricing weekly since December and it wasn’t at the 28 plus range since February. But it also had a few thousand more miles.

You’ll want to plan ahead and order an incoming vehicle for no more than MSRP in this segment, provided it’s something relatively modern that came out in the last, say, 3 years.

The Pilot is the most outdated vehicle in this segment, and would normally need many thousands of dollars off to move off the lot.

Thanks - did check quote and got Carmax $31.2k (~7.5k equity). Probably better to sell the car and start over new search in Texas

Yes take the cash if they accept third party buyouts of your financial institution. But if you want another car take the offer to the dealer and have them beat it. Or even take it to your dealer where you got the car and tell them you want more. A few options all in your favor. I wouldn’t put money down on a new car. Put it in a separate account and deduct from there, just in case you need the cash for a rainy day.