Moving To Switzerland - 2015 BMW 328i, Loaded - $366 - (Los Angeles)

I started lurking here AFTER I leased my car and now I know I didn’t get a deal as INSANE as some of you guys do but I felt pretty good. Even if you are not interested in the car feel free to be vocal about whether or not its a good deal, I would love the feedback.

I absolutely love my car but I’m moving to Switzerland mid July and I have to let her go. I picked up this lease from Pacific BMW (great place) which is a few miles away from my house. They offer factory demo’s that haven’t been titled so you can lease them like new, I think the manager there gets a lot props from all over the internet.

The monthly lease payment is $366 before taxes, I pay 399.08 with taxes.

I’ll just post a picture of the sticker but here are the lease details.

Leased at 16,355 miles
30k allowed (46,355 total)
Currently at 28,530
You would have $17,825 across 20 months. Approx 890 miles per month.
NO MSD’s applied and I paid 1k down. (If only I had learned sooner leasehackr!!)

2015 328i - Sport Line- Jet Black w/ Black Dakota leather (red stitching) interior
Driver Assistance Package
Lighting Package
Premium Package
Technology Package (Heads up Display)
Heated Front Seats
Automatic Lights
M Sport Suspension

Everything goes through BMW Financial they have a fairly straightforward process. You would have to pay $100 + $400 to BMWFS. $100 is the app fee, $400 is the lease transfer fee. I am willing to pay half that upon a successful transfer.

Your questions, comments and criticisms are absolutely welcome.

I’ve seen a fair amount of chatter around optioned 3 series here lately. I didn’t even realize you could option it to $50k+. Seems outrageous for an entry level Beamer (it definitely doesn’t have the interior of a $50k vehicle IMO).

Your payment doesn’t seem too bad. You might have to incentivize a little more… I just don’t know how many people are really in the market for a loaded 3. Good luck!

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Seems like a fair deal to me. A few hundreds here or there in incentives may be needed but overall very fair, only caveat is the relatively high mileage at the start?

Looks like someone will have to pick up a tire bill :disappointed_relieved:

I agree with you. High mileage to start so if you were looking to buy out at the end of lease I would steer clear.

Good point! I should have mentioned it had new tires at lease start.

Yeah I mean that’s the deal with Beemers you can option them out the wazoo. I’m not going to argue over opinions about the interior. I think it absolutely feels super lux, I’ve driven base model 3’s and it’s night and day.

Cool! I have a friend that just recently moved there permanently for work- big four and all. What’s your story for moving there? I also spent 2 weeks there myself- Lucerne, Bern, Zurich.

Attached is a photo I took on top of a Cathedral

I guess my offer was not that compelling. It’s funny how Swapalease has gotten me Zero inquiries and Craigslist is getting me a ton of inquires but very few qualified.

What do you guys think would be a good incentive to get someone to take over this lease? I have about 5 weeks now but certainly don’t want to deal with the stress when it gets to be crunch time.

Can’t hurt to offer more and more incentives as it gets closer to the time. If you can get the payments down near $300/month you’ll have a TON of takers. :slight_smile:

Great idea. Would it be dishonest to change the price in the title to have it reflect the incentive? I already felt a little shady by not including the with tax price in the title but that seems like standard practice.

Just put “after incentives” as well so it’s clear.

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ah, I didn’t even catch that it was the before tax price. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess getting it down to 300/month would be a pretty major incentive!

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Bummed for ya. I thought this might wind up being the case when I first commented. I was really hoping someone would take it off your hands! But I agree with the others. I think if you put it for $300/mo someone will take it. But put the transfer fee ($500) on the person who assumes the lease.

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Don’t pay the xfer fee. Incentivize the heck out of the car to dump it. At $399 incl. taxes you’re gonna get pwned.

$50 off per month x 20 months = $1,000 incentive

Go go go!


agree, i think that would help a lot, but the available mileage is still pretty low.

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Thanks guys for all for all of the replies. I trust you. I think I’m going to follow your advice and offer: 1k in incentive after successful lease transfer. There are 19 payments left and on June 12th there will be 18 payments left. You would be looking at 55 dollar reduction there.

Hi! I’m interested. Is the car still available?

Just an update and data point that this forum might find useful. I found someone to transfer the lease to on craigslist of all places. There were few people interested from here, zero inquiries from Swapalease and a ton of interest from craigslist.

The datapoint is for California lease assumptions. Although BMW is highly efficient with the lease assumption CA DMV is super backed up and digital title transfers can take up to 30 days! I’m in limbo land right now waiting to finalize this with flights planned to Switzerland next week!! Hopefully this is helpful to people who are looking at assuming leases through BMW in CA.

$399 a month for a car that originally had a $49k sticker is by no means bad. I’m sure if you offer to pay the transfer fee and throw say another $1k at this you could likely get someone to take it over.