Move sold deals from share deals and tips

There’s so many sold threads on the deals and tips these days. I think it should have its own section. I get deals are limited these days but would really clean that section of the forum up

They could also be unlisted — there are other candidates for that, not just sold.

I just happened to look at Marketplace for CA last night and was thinking something similar.

You mean the Private Transfer and Marketplace categories? Share Deals and Tips are mostly signed car deals?

I think he means splitting deals and tips. So a separate section to discus tips, and another section for deals?

@johnnygraham am I understanding you correctly?

Not exactly. I mean maybe just have a sold category. I get that it’s technically a deal but in that section I’m more interested in deals as a buyer. It’s been over run by vroom, carvana, auto nation etc…

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Or maybe we could just have a sub category for signed deals. It’s my favorite part of leasehackr…seeing what deals people have signed.

That was the original idea for “Trophy Garage”.

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The “sold one to” threads are tiresome and are merely a reflection of inflated used vehicle prices and don’t reflect an actual lease deal or lease negotiation tip.

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My point exactly. I miss the days of coming on leasehackr and seeing what deals people were getting. It’s how I replicated by last 3 leases. Hopefully those days come back to us