Move from TX to NY with VW lease


It looks like I will be relocating from TX to NY state early next year. I have a VW through 2025. I’m assuming I will be able to register the car in NY but I have no experience with this topic. Would appreciate any tips on what to expect. Pretty sure I got tax credits on the deal in TX. Thanks

Does this address your question?

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That link is somewhat helpful but it certainly seems like this won’t be an easy process.

I looked back to my paperwork for the lease. I have a copy of the application for TX state title/registration and also the lease agreement.

On the TX registration paperwork, the sales price is listed at $28,767.21 and the sales tax due is $0. The sales tax line is also $0 in the lease paperwork.

I knew TX is weird with wanting sales tax, I guess that was because they wanted it on the whole vehicle price and not just the lease payments. And this is why we have the tax credits.

Does this mean I need to pay NY state tax on the whole amount of all lease payments (even the past ones) once we move? Or just the payments that are remaining? Or the vehicle value itself?

Do I also need to get some sort of permission from VW upfront for all this? I think I read there is also no way to get out of the VW lease correct? My payment is $347 and it is an ID.4 located in Austin TX.

Has anyone been through a similar situation with VW that can share their experience?

Tax should be on payments remaining

Call VW Credit because you may need some limited POA and/or the title.

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