Motor Trend Car of the Year

Pretty amazing technological achievement, and quite stunning.


Sedans are back baby!


I don’t know how they announce this already… but I’ll take it.

Lucid stock up another 10% today :money_mouth_face:

this thing is actually pretty stunning. i cant wait to drive one.

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I have been following Lucid for more than a year now. Can’t wait to see a sub $60k Lucid sedan for the masses someday.


I’m shocked someone scooped you. You’re my #1 source for Lucid news

Haha. Full disclosure: I am neither an employee nor affiliated with Lucid Motors. I am just a fan of their car and technology.

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It’s so subjective. It looks so ugly to my eyes.

I saw the Lucid Air in person at their Brickell City Centre store over the weekend when I was in Miami. It is a stunning car in person and their choice of materials for the interior is top notch. At the minimum, interior quality rivals an MB S Class / BMW 7 series easily. I didn’t pay any attention to this car up until now. If the actual production models look similar to what I saw in the store, this will be a hit.

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I’m curious to see it in person. It looks like a Honda Clarity from the photos…

Saw it in meatpacking – looks way better than the EQS – Definitely a S class competitor –

FYI – Tesla, Lucid, Genesis, Mercedes have a experience showroom on the same block

Was my reaction to the Mercedes EQS… I guess there are only so many ways to make an aerodynamic bar of soap.


Seems a little early to be crowning a car of the year for 2022 when they have like 5 delivered so far.

I bought stock in lucid when I saw it in brickell. Up almost 150% in a month. Car looks great but end of the day it’s a pricey sedan so hopefully they sell.