Mother-in-Law Quest: BMW X5 vs. Mercedes GLE-350

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My mother-in-law out in Central Florida is nearing the end of her lease on a Mercedes GLE-350, in which I believe they grossly overpaid (~$1300 a month on I believe a ~60k car). I’ve been lurking this forum for a long time and it was especially helpful in negotiating a great deal on a BMW X1 back in December.

Please be gentle, but I am seeking the advice of fellow hackers on how to proceed. I believe based on incentives etc., we’d be able to get much more BMW for the money compared to the Mercedes lineup.

So I’ve been negotiating virtually with a sales rep and he started pitching a 2019 X5 Demo (15% discount pre-incentives,) alongside the 2020 X5 (7% discount). They already tried to sneak in $2,000 in “non-tax fees” which I pointed it out and then they also shared that their MF is marked up 4 basis points. He did a pretty good job of making me feel like an idiot when I suggested that the payments for both cars should be somewhere in the $700s or low $800s and discounts should be ~10% on the new car, and ~20% on the loaner. “YOU THINK PEOPLE ARE DRIVING AROUND $70,000 CARS FOR LESS THAN $1,000 A MONTH WITH NOTHING DOWN?”

What’s the move here guys? Am I crazy for pushing for more discounts?

Here’s what I built in excel as a target on the new one:

Car Make: BMW
Car Model: 2020 X5 sDrive 40i
Lease Period: 36 Months
Lease Miles/Year: 15k

Sales Price
MSRP 69,195 69195
Discount 8,000 5000
“Non Tax Fees” 0 7%
Sales Price 61,195 11.6% Discount off MSRP

Residual Value
Term 36
Residual % 53%
Residual $ 36,673

Finance Charges
Money Factor 0.00118
Effective APR 2.8%
Sales Tax 7.0%

ESTIMATED Lease: 2020 X5 sDrive 40i
36 Months/15k miles annually
MSRP 69,195
Sales Price 61,195 11.6%
Doc Fees 795
Tax & Taxable Fees 197
Misc. fees 200
Sales Tax on Incen. 70
Taxes & Fees 1,262
Gross Cap Cost 62,457 9.7%
Loyalty/Conquest 500 1000 loyalty
Manu. Rebates 500
Additional Down 0
Net Cap Cost 61,957
Depreciated Amount 25,283
Base Payment 702
Rent Charge 116
Pretax Lease Payment 819
Total ESTIMATED TARGET Lease Payment 868

Here’s what I’m targeting on the demo:

I think your target is too aggressive for the FL market. Heard they dont give big discounts or even base MF often.

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Find a new dealer.


You’re not going to get 21% off pre-incentive, at buy rate, on an x5 demo. Especially in Fl

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You tried Daniel yu at Gwinnett place in Atlanta? He has a few x5 demos that match what you’re looking for.



Edit: he is also a dealer, no broker fee!

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Got it - so you think maybe try and squeeze out to 18%? 15% feels low with 2021 models releasing soon.

Your mother in law shops at costco? She would love a volvo!


18% is definitely more reasonable than 21%.

And agreed with vhooloo, check out an XC90

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I can help with the X5. PM me. I work for a dealership in Georgia.

Will she actually follow thru with a deal you set up for her?

Most of the time the “for a friend” threads up being a waste of time because the friend thinks he/she knows better or listens to their favorite sales person’s schpiel instead


Yes - I’m basically working the deal and she’s signing it

You can tell your salesman that told you “no one is driving a $70k car for less than $1k a month with nothing down” this… 2020 X5, about $63k MSRP,IMG_0526_LI IMG_0527_LI for $641/mth with only first month and inception fees due at signing. About $2k. Got it through @IAC


R u in Ga…if so any X5 deals must have 20s and premium package or better…lease…my lease was turned in on sept 10th