Most Unique Cars Spotted Thread - Need More Uplifting Content

Wrap: 10/10
Wheels: 0/10


When is the unveiling of the next potato mobile?

Personally hoping you figured out how to import a M340i Estate Wagon from Europe.

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It won’t be harvested from the fields for a few days.

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Zoom in to the MY interior


2 bags worth more than the car…

While looks like an ordinary Sienna from the pic, note the 10" Lifted wheel wells and the additional 6" of room added to the bottom.
This is a BraunAbility Converted Sienna meant for the handicapped. It’s HUGE

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See these in NYC all the time, there are couple of aftermarket builds for it

I’m not usually picky about loaners but I’d probably refuse this.

“Rogue One”

@HersheySweet maybe the next MB loaner hack?

  1. Drunk detailer
  2. Rogue one…lol

Not ugly enough

Alpina XB7



McLaren in Cary, NC


I thought you lived in CA :joy:

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I do, but bumming around NC and the beach right now for a few weeks.

Had to use those United MP points for the no champagne, no wine 1st class letdown.

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Average mclaren parking job


Tesla-level panel gaps

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Liang 3? A bit ostentatious to me - but I wonder what the other cars are.

Maybe it’s like SEAL team 6