Money Factor Not Right

I had a dealer in Oklahoma give me a money factor of 0.72. I asked the dealer what this meant and she tried to explain but I didn’t get it. Can someone explain this 0.72 money factor or is this BS?

0.72 isnt a number a money factor can be.

They may have been using a bank that uses apr instead of money factor so it was 0.72% apr.

What is buy rate for the vehicle you’re looking at? What vehicle? Whivh bank did they quote with?

0.72% APR translates to a money factor of 0.0003 (Divide the APR by 2400, multiply instead to convert MF to APR). some manufacturers (Looking at you, Ford) like to use APR on their leases instead of Money Factor. It’s all the same in the end.


Could you imagine a .72000 MF ? lol

I still want to see someone take a dealer to task that advertises a .002% mf, since that would actually be .00002

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Thank you so much.