Money Factor - Dealers quoting much higher than #s here


I have good to excellent credit, and dealers are quoting me based on my admission of that - they have yet to run my credit. I’ve been told the MF for a vehicle I’m looking to lease (2017 VW Passat R-line) is .0001 for ZIP 75038 via this forum, but a dealer quoted me 0.0126. I’m waiting on another dealer to give me pricing on this car today.

I looked at another vehicle, the 2017 Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew 4X2 - 2.7L V6 Ecoboost, and was told that the MF was 2%, but the dealer gave me a price with a MF of 0.00125 (3%).

So is the MF pretty much a number that is negotiable like the price? Just wondering why I’m getting different numbers from the dealer vs the numbers being reported here.

There is a minimum BASE MF that the bank sets as their cut of the profit. The dealer can raise up the MF and pocket the difference.

I would go to edmunds to get the actual numbers. Don’t ever convert into APR btw this is a clear sign to the dealers you’re not familiar with leases. Just remember MF is always a decimal that you have to multiply by 2400 to get APR.

Post the model and trim, your state, and how many miles/term

The buyrate MF for the Passat is .00001. Dealer is able to markup the MF by .00125, which they did. I’d definitely talk to another dealer to get the buyrate MF.

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I was told via this Forum that Ford doesn’t give MF, instead they do APR. However, the dealer did come back with telling me the MF. Hence me listing 2% here on the forum.

Ur right about the APRs for Ford. But really, go to edmunds for MF/residuals