Money Factor .007! Ripped off?

I met someone this week who was complaining about a lease he got for a 2016 Toyota Tacoma. When I ran the numbers, it turned out that his money factor was a whopping .007! ie 16.8% apr. Crazy. He had no idea. Is there anything he can to to correct that?

He was also given $4,000 for his 2006 Tacoma trade-in. The trade in value that comes up at kbb is over $10k.

He seems to have been ripped off. Is there anything he can do? He is in Cali and the transaction took place in May.

unless you can show fraud by dealer, i doubt it. but the payment would be through the roof on something like that.

Payment is $415 for 60 months.

Whats the buyout? Refi as a payment saver through penfed credit union. Basically would buy lease out and purchase. But only if credit is good

47% residual, which seems very low, given what the 2006 is currently worth on kbb.

KBB is BS. no way a dealer would give 10k on that car to begin with. it’s a 10 year old truck…I could see 5-6k if it was extremely clean, but 10k is way too high assumption imo.

Black Book Trade-In as of 02/08/2016
Clean Average Rough
Base $6,690 $5,140 $3,165
Options $0 $0 $0
Mileage $0 $0 $0
Total $6,690 $5,140 $3,165