Money back on an under-mileage lease

My wife’s minivan lease will be over in 5 months (starting to look for a new lease).
It’s a 15K per year lease and she’s only driven 22K miles so far.
Is there a way to get some money back given that we have all these miles left over?
Also, should I start looking for a new lease now or should I wait?

Unless it’s a BMW (since it’s a minivan, it’s not), you won’t get a credit for miles.

You can try taking it to carmax (or similar) and see if you have any positive equity in it. Once we sold back a Lexus RX for about 1.5k to carmax.

Oh don’t you wish under mileage limit would get you something ! But should you go over you’ll pay through the nose !

That’s how it goes

Good idea. May as well give Carmax a try…