Mods please remove per dealer request

Mods please remove per dealer request.


Jelly of that digital cluster.

Enjoy the ride!

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Thanks! Definitely was a plus, and such a rare option to see as well!

Great car! Nicely done.

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Hey it’s a manual…gotta love that! I had a 435x with manual…enjoy👍

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Good deal @ssmith96. There are a couple of cars like this at the dealership near me that are loaded up with toys as well. The dealer there stalled around 15%, so you did pretty well at 17% IMO. My bottom line was 20%. They laughed at me and hung up the phone.:crazy_face:


25% or bupkis.

I’ve found that I’ve gotten absolute steals on many cars when I didn’t give a hoot whether the deal went through, made sense, insert validation here.

Just threw a number out there I wouldn’t say no to that I could talk the Mrs into if they took it. Maybe I need to get back to that…

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We each have a set monthly amount that can be spent without consulting the other, as long as the purchase isn’t illegal and it doesn’t present the risk of contracting an STD.

It’s been quite liberating. :smiley:

Yeah, my problem is that I don’t really care for most car’s that dealers are just willing to blow out at 20%+ off. I need MSport, certain colors (but I’m flexible), and it has to have a certain level of options. If I was just looking for a boring daily tho, then yeah, I’d probably take some cheap-whatever car.

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Have you seen my red car? :grin:

Yeah…this is the one I was trying to hack. Options overload made it too tough for my hacking skills🤪

Such a weird config. MPPSK but no track handling package… makes me sad…

Would be nice to have exec on my car but I think it’s plain as day what my car’s purpose was when it was built.

Finally another 440i 6MT on here. Never expected to see a manual demo. Very similar deal to mine as well - enjoy!


Great deal and a nicely spec’d car. The manual is the cherry on top.

If I could get the manual in a GC I’d be all over it. Alas, rear facing car seat…

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They offered me 14% off on this one and said “no mas”…

That was 2 months ago…car still there and may need one of these soon.

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They are def a rare breed. Heres one in FL.