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Under warranty, so Acura should fix the issues?

Take the car to the dealer and tell them you want a loaner until they fix what is wrong with yours. If they can’t fix it lemon law it. You need to have done this yesterday!!

These things are already being worked on. In my state, the car can’t be lemon-lawed…again, I have nine payments left on a 36-month lease, so way too late for that. The car only recently developed the problem, it’s happened a couple of times, the dealer can’t replicate, and I’d like out.

I’m just asking for an opinion on how I can make the numbers work for me, thanks.

Aside from Deal of the Year like last year’s Cruze LTD and this year’s Equinox, I can’t imagine any deal during the holidays will be worth eating nine or even six payments.

Numbers won’t work. The original lease terms are so unfavorable (over 20k negative equity), outrageous 1k monthly payment that even Acura won’t want to deal with you.

Just ride out nine months and focus on getting a good deal for the next lease. Hint: if your current RLX hybrid is a lemon, do you really want to lease another one? If the book is 26k after 2 years, do you really want to pay 52k for one?

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Thanks for your answer. It is what I have already come to, logically. However, I am researching all options at this point to be sure of making the right decision.

As to the car, itself, mine was a first-year model and all was well up to this point. So yes, I’d consider a 2-3 model year newer car with all the kinks worked out.