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Hey guys -

I’m pricing out a Q60 Red Sport coupe in the 55k range. From what I’ve read in the other posts, it doesn’t sound like deals are that aggressive, even with year end closeouts. I’m wondering what anyone else has been able to get for this car. Talked to a dealer a couple days ago and was easily able to get an offer of $475 including taxes with 0 down + MSDs (current national ad is $480 + tax with 5k down). That only took 5 minutes to achieve, so it seems like low 400s is doable with some work.

I wasn’t given specifics besides the MSRP and monthly, so I can’t calculate the deal, but we’re already well under the 1% mark. According to Edmunds, RV and MF for this month on a 39/10 are .00121 and 57%.

There isn’t much recent data on the other q60 posts to gauge the going price of this car, so I’m wondering if any of you could share your input. What do you guys think? Would $400 all in be feasible? I’m paying $330 for my $43k Q50, and think I could’ve done better by $30 if I had known about this site at the time. Based on that, and despite RV differences, I would say $400 should be doable. Let me know what you think before I go in and embarrass myself! Thanks!