Moderation Standards Question

Just a question for the Trusted Hackers.

If a user makes a post in the wrong section for a wanted ad, would Standard Procedure be to merge that into the Wanted Thread or to just Unlist the thread?

I see in the Guidelines for Moderation:

“1. Trusted Hackrs may move a “wanted” ad to Wanted Ads Here.”

But it appears as though this isn’t always followed. Is there a standard on this or is it just up to the individual moderator how to handle the situation?

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I move any wanted ad post I see to the wanted ad thread. It’s definitely easier to catch when someone makes a thread vs makes a post in the wrong thread. How the system behaves with unlisting seems to be different if there are replies or not.


Think it depends. I usually close the lowest effort posts. Sorry for accidentally moving this :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you. I was just curious if there was something where if the user made a thread, you wouldn’t be able to merge it and then un-list, or a scenario that for technical limitation reasons would lead to just un-listing without moving it so that businesses might be able to capture that lead.

I’ve come to learn that a lot of people really do have trouble understand the software on the forums.

I’ve never unlisted a thread without having merged it into something else (like the wanted ads thread) first.

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I just think considering the price hike for brokers, settings this standard to merge all wanted requests as a matter of policy might be a good idea so that lead opportunities are maximized.

I move and unlist. Or unlist, if another trusted only moves it.

Does it not automatically move the whole thread when you move the OP? I know that when I delete an OP, the whole thread gets deleted.

The creation of the “wanted” thread had nothing to do with broker leads (or broker’s price hike for that matter). The practice was implemented because these “wanted” requests did not add value to our community discussions (see the “wanted” thread OP).

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@littleviolette absolutely, and I agree they have no value. My point was just that any wanted post is a potential lead for a broker, so while I totally agree that the posts should be unlisted and removed when in the wrong place, I think they should still be moved into that wanted thread first so that they aren’t lost as leads. That is why I mentioned the hike, I don’t think moderation policy should allow to just unlist a wanted request without moving it into the wanted thread. That’s a loss of a potential lead to the paying brokers for no reason if you just unlist and don’t merge.

Some people have a hard time using the site, you guys attract an insane amount of traffic and some of the people I speak to really have no idea hardly how to use any forum software.

Without knowing of a specific circumstance that you’re referring to here, they are moved to the wanted thread. I would expect that any that were just deleted were either in error or a duplicate of a wanted request that already been moved. It’s not unheard of for someone to post the same “hey, I’m looking for x” in several different threads. In that case, I’d expect to see one moved and the rest unlisted.

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Yes, it does. So when I move 3 posts (including an OP), only the OP is left and the thread gets closed. After that I unlist it. I usually do it to one post threads so we don’t have duplicate posts and 1 post useless threads. If someone else closes a duplicate thread with a comment (ex: “keep your questions in one thread”), I hide it also.
I don’t just unlist any threads, however, without moving posts somewhere else.
Sometimes I move an OP to other threads from the closed threads where there is no explanation for closing.

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