MN Lease Deals....New - any help?

Hi All,
I am brand new to this forum, and brand new to leasing. Traditionally I have financed, but I am exploring the world of leasing. I’ve been looking at a few domestic cars as well as luxury imports, and am asking for some help from some of the hackrs out there. I’ve seen some of the incredible deals that have been worked and would appreciate some help.

Below are some numbers. Looking to see what kind of offers some of you fellow hackrs would offer to the dealer.

Wanting to stay in the $300-$500/month rage
15,000/36 month
I qualify for excellent credit/tier 1 credit
No money down
Nav and sunroof are the biggest “sell points” for me

#1 - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
MSRP: $45,185
Price: $35,500
This is their list price - wondering if I can negotiate even further since it’s one of the last of their 2016s on the lot. I did confirm that even though this is a 2016 model, it does qualify for leasing.

#2 - BMW 3 series or 5 series
MSRP can vary. There are only 2 dealers in the area so haggling may be a challenge.

#3 - BMW x3
MSRP can vary.

#4 - Lexus NX
MSRP of $45,000

I know this is some pretty vague info, but looking for some direction - I have not started contacting dealers yet. What would you go in and offer? What kind of similar deals have you worked or seen? I HATE talking to car dealers,car shopping, etc. I prefer to get straight to the point - here’s my offer, take it or leave it. Again, I’m very new to car leasing so I feel like I have no idea what I’m talking about and I don’t want dealers to pick up on that. Just looking to see what some of you would suggest.

Thanks for the help!

Read this for the terminology

and maybe this for some more general info

What did you end up doing in here ? I am interested to know since I do live in MN too.