Mitsubishi Outlander deals?

So we test drove a Mitsubishi outlander yesterday and my wife and I were completely surprised by it. Checked off all the boxes we were looking for and MSRP is about 8k less than the Telluride she was looking at, at similar l comparable trim levels. Looking like wee wouldn’t be able to get a Kia until late summer early fall.
Unfortunately Mitsubishi doesn’t seem to have any great deals…I don’t find any brokers here who deal with Mitsu either… Am I going to have to do this the old fashioned way?

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You won’t find a lot of posts or support for mitsu on LH… very limited dealer network (warranty), no lease support, no deals. Just not enough volume or a strong enough value proposition. Your options will also be very limited if you try to get out of your lease early (accelerated depreciation, no/low demand).

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I assumed as much

Sorry to bring back an older thread, but how much room is in the 3rd row on the Outlander? I briefly looked at one back in 2018 and that model was pretty much unusable for anything but a small child. Has this new model gotten any bigger?

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“Usable” third rows mean different things to different people. There’s no substitute to checking it out yourself in person

There’s also no reason to shortlist this vehicle for either leasing or purchasing that I can think of.

I’m gonna say no…


And from max_g’s comment I’m guessing the quality hasn’t gotten any better either.

I just started looking again, but I’m already thinking my best deal might be to just buy this Pathfinder at the end of lease.

The new outlanders are actually pretty great… They have gotten bigger in the first 2 rows. The third is still for small kids only. Not really usable as a third row.

I agree, I checked one out recently,

3rd row is tiny, good for pre-teen kids, and the 2nd row will be tight with leg room. Other wise for an economy SUV, it has a lot of features. Good warranty. Fit and finish/materials greatly improved.

Dont expect power, dont expect an exiciting drive, suspension is okay for what it is… If there is no mark up, its a good contender for that segment.

Lowest resale value in the segment. Will destroy any TCO (total cost of ownership) savings

Agreed but cost of entry to a car matters to many people. Long term financial planning is not in the cards for many people.

For a basic suv that has a 3rd row and comes loaded with options. There’s not many options.

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