Mitsubishi laying groundwork to pull out of US

Get those sought after collector’s items while you can…

Surprised they lasted this long, TBH since they haven’t been relevant here since the late 90s/early 00s when the 0-0-0 promo + recall cover-up nearly killed them.

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I am getting an outlander hybrid when it leases for 89 a month!

I had a teal green 1997 Eclipse GS-T turbo… loved it… then F&F came out and ruined it lol

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RIP to my Eclipse GSX (manual) I had. 16G Turbo and supporting mods, fun car during the hot import nights era.

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Would they still lease? I mean you wouldn’t have a dealer to return the car to 3 years down the road.
Maybe a USBank type of thing?

mitsubishi was still in the US???