Minimum Credit for BMWFS Lease Assumption

Hey Guys,

Forgive me and flag if this is in the wrong section. I want to use @Volvo to help me get into a car and I submitted my shit lease deal to swapalease like you guys advised. I’ve had 4 people apply and all 4 get denied. I have a guy that wants to take it over, but says he’s at a 673 with zero delinquent accounts - just been in USA 4 years and gradually building his credit. He says he makes 4k/mo +6k he gets from his dad in Hondouras.


  • Will a 673 be approved by BMWFS?
  • How does the income look?
  • Can a dealer (he lives near me) call BMWFS on our behalf for the approval/swap?

Cheers in advance.


BMW loves income. You can have an average score with lots of income or high score with average income. My gut says this one will be a no-go, but others will chime in too! It’s the equivalent of a 22 year old making 4k a month gross with a 673 score. They won’t care about his age… just years of credit history.

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I like the guy, he’s crying over my car and that right there won me already because he genuinely wants it, but does not want to burn $100 if he can avoid it. Regardless, I’m thankful you took a jab at a response… helps me let him know if it will be worth it or not.

BMW cares a lot more about income than score. Also open autos (current auto loans) count against you.

It looks very unlikely. Good luck.