Mini-van lease 2021/22

Good morning Hackrs!
First let me start by saying I appreciate any help you all will provide.
I am in NJ and looking forward for leasing a minivan. I do like Pacifica or Kia Carnival, but looks like they are very hot right now. So which fully loaded minivan can I get a good deal right now. I am open to anything, looking for 36/12k.
Again thanks a lot for your help!!

What did you find when you researched the shared deals and marketplace listings?


Not a lot!

There are extensive threads on here talking about Pacifica hybrid values.

You’ve only got about 4 options here.

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Oh hybrid doesn’t have AWD.

Look into Pacific Hybrid Touring L lease through Ally. Thank me later.


Thanks a lot!
Just wondering, how do I lease through ally? Is that something my car dealer would be able to do. And is it ally bank?

Most CJDR dealers are contracted to write leases through Ally.

If you need awd, your options are basically a sienna or a pacifica

I see. Just wondering, what’s the advantage of ally? Do they pass Federal tax credit back to you on lease.

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Pass the rebate along like CCAP does but with a much higher residual than CCAP.

I see. I thought the residual values are decided by car companies or dealer. I guess, I am super new to lease. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot! Appreciate your help.

Rv is set by the bank

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Did you lease through Ally?
What is a rough estimate ofp they payments?

You’d have to do the due diligence yourself to figure that out.

Just wondering, what could be the harm in asking other about the deal they got?

Getting information that doesn’t apply to your personal situation and gives incorrect targets

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