Mini Countryman S E All4 plugin hybrid PHEV

Year: [2017/2018] (Not sure - it just came out this month)
Make, Model, and Trim: [Mini Countryman S E All4 plugin hybrid]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [22203] (but will go for any region to get ballpark)

I’d say to check Edmunds, but I see your muzzle has already been there!

But if you look at how BMW structures their plug-in leases for the 330e and X5 drive40e then my bet is you can use the same numbers as the non hybrid to get a rough idea. However, using that same logic, the 530e lease is more expensive than the 530i as it’s a brand new car with minimum price difference over the gas version.

Also, using the same numbers as the countryman S, I calculate a $465/mo pre tax payment for a $46k model with $6,750 in rebates and discounts - assumptions that I’m pretty sure are not achievable given how new the car is.

Also, it’s a 2018. I drove one a few days ago and have to admit I wasn’t very impressed. It felt like a hybrid at best and a slow car at worst. Anything beyond gentle acceleration resulted in the gas engine activating.

In Max eDrive it was slower than anything I’ve ever driven in my life. I’d say it was slower than a minivan but the last Pacifica I drove was a blast to drive.

It probably didn’t help that I had just driven a Bolt, which has 266lb/ft of torque available instantly.

I do like how the Mini can be dressed up pretty fancily, but it would have to be a really fantastic deal to convince me otherwise given the performance. Anyhow, the dealer said I cannot do lease pull ahead in a BMW for a mini, so I’ve got a few months to wait and see.

I had the same experience when I test drove a Mini Countryman PHEV - not really impressed by the acceleration and powertrain! Seemed slow and also there was noticeable shudder when it switched between gas and electric. The low EV range (around 15 - 20 miles?) makes this car practical only for a few number of people, you’d have to constantly be charging it. The car itself is a great size and really nice interior, perfect for me in many ways but I think the range is too low. Also it’s a brand new model and reliability could be questionable. Lease rates will be pretty bad for at least a few months on this car. I held off on buying an EV until the Countryman PHEV became available but after my test drive decided to go with at Bolt. Picked one up last week and couldn’t be happier with it! $353/mo, $0 drive off for a loaded Premier!