Mini Countryman Cooper S All4 Check


Hey there

Recently was checking out a Volvo and the numbers are not great for me. Now, I turn my eyes to MINI since many have said they have better RV values and they do, this considering what I was looking for is only about 7K to 10K apart.

For reference the numbers from Edmunds are .00227 and RV 60% for August

Below are my numbers from two different dealers, what your thoughts do the numbers line up.?

RV 60% MF .00238 MSRP $38,975
Second Dealer

RV 60% MF .00238 MSRP $40,040
First Dealer

Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to just finance this?

36/12 RV of 60% is not particularly great. In any case you’re still missing the other parts of the trifecta

  1. Low MF (edit)

  2. Some combination of discount and rebates that substantially lowers your cap cost.

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I assume you meant MF? :slight_smile:

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That’s correct

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One of the reps that I am talking to for now, is at least offering a $250 discount, considering he used a solid number here, this can definitely be pushed to $500 hundred or $1000. First time any of these reps have offered a discount of any kind to lower the cap cost.

Edit, On normal times, Do MINIs usually have a higher RV?

Edit Edit, interestingly enough, since I got the quote at the month end. The first set of numbers had an MF of .00227 for July and now August .00238

It’s something that has crossed my mind. Though not my first choice, I am willing to consider it.

Is this a dealer discount or a manufacturer incentive?

Is that buy rate or just what the dealer is charging?

Great question! There are a few incentives geared towards military, students, or folks to who have lost vehicle in the past.

Analyzing my myself I don’t qualify any, so, I am assuming the person is offering kind of dealer discount here.

Does he know you dont qualfy for those things? Dealers give generic offers with any and all incentives included all the time.

This is what the rep is using to calculate my numbers for current month. Im going to guess this is what they are charging. Other MINI dealers seem to be doing the same as well when I spoke to a second one.

This is why I enjoy checking in with this community. I am going to need to challenge him on this get specifics on the qualification because the research says otherwise.

Dont guess. You need to always make sure you know what buy rate is before ever talking to a dealer. This could easily be an over msrp deal, even if that $250 discount is a discount, if the mf is marked up.

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OK. Had to Google the “buy rate”

After checking Edmunds, these are base numbers

S All4 - .00227 MF and 60% RV

I do believe it is inflated.

Note: Ill make sure to note this question when engaging with the person.

This is as if adding ketchup to a shit sandwich makes it more palatable

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Make sure you post on edmunds and ask so youre getting august numbers. Since they were charging .00227 last month, its probably more likely that youre seeing last month’s numbers on edmunds.

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Your hunch was correct! It is now, .00238 . The transition between sale months may have been confusing

Checked in with the dealer, he had explained this was just a small token of appreciation to get me in the door to purchase a vehicle and help me out with shaving a few dollars off the monthly bill. (paraphrasing here)