Mini Cooper SE lease

Any insight out there as to how the electric Mini Cooper SE will lease? Looks like it could be a good one - thinking about ordering.

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First thing to do is ask for MF and incentives on Edmunds forums

They won’t be on sale until March, but they’re taking preorders now. MF is easy to find, but residuals are TBD I’m sure. Just curious if anybody had some inside info or had already talked to a dealer.

It the residuals are similar to gas-powered models, this could be a really cheap lease after tax incentives.

The dealers don’t know the lease terms either until the bank releases them in March.

Well if the residuals are like any other electric car that is basically a converted gas version, they’ll be terrible. Golf, fusion etc

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I’m hoping it will be more like the i3 it shares parts with. Guess I’ll wait and see.

I live in La and 2 dealerships said the first wave of SE’s will only be avail for purchase :frowning: They will have to open up leasing as an option eventually to stay competitive. Has anyone heard anything else?

I’ve heard the same. Sounds like the first wave is mostly or entirely pre-sold. I heard it will probably be May or June before inventory catches up. I assume at that time they would start leasing.

But that’s from salesmen trying to get me to order in the first wave, so take it with a grain of salt.

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Talked to a dealer in Massachusetts that said they are not offering any leasing options at this time. Womp womp.

Not offering a lease is exactly how you ensure this car is a sales failure. Hopefully this is just a short-term plan to maximize profit on the first wave of people who will buy a MINI EV at any cost.

If the sales are especially bad, perhaps there will be great discounts in the future that could make for a hackr worthy lease if leases are offered.

Once these hit the used market, they’ll be a great deal I think for a runabout car. Base model has good options and will be $22500 tops new after tax credit.

I’d pick one up for $12-$15k in a year or 2.

They’ll be reliable as the hardware (mini+i3) has been around a while now.

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Anyone know if the stance on The Mini EV has changed ? Still not for lease ?