Mini cooper 2dr s deal! 12 month lease option--$179 a month

This one is ready to go in ATLANTA. Please contact me first before contacting the store and I will have the manager reach out to you.

Hard Loaded!
$37400 MSRP.
$178 A month (without MSD’s)
Tax+ Doc Fee+DMV and first payment at signing.
12 Month Lease/ 15k a year.
** The store gives out final numbers** I don’t! So please double check with me just in case I messed up. I do this for fun :slight_smile: I’m not a salesman.

So when you say “I got one in …”, you are just finding deals for people on this forum? I’m hoping you are making something on the back end somehow. The deals you post are pretty good. I know you find them all over the place but where are you based?


I’m based out of Charlotte.

I just buy cars for Sonic Automotive around the country. It’s my job to find deals :).

I’m helping my stores get new customers and help them sell some cars.

And i can hook people up at the same time.

Feels good.


Thats a noble work !
Keep up the good work :+1:

Wow with a leasehackr and loberant deal, this is proving to be the best forum of the year

Indeed (needs 20 chars to reply?)

Is it possible to use MSDs to reduce the money factor on this deal? Thanks.

Nice deal, just not quite my car, but thanks for helping with deals. I’ll be in the market as my lease is up soon. I may jump on something early if deal is right. I’ll be lurking your threads, located in central Florida.

Hey @loberant - what’s the best way to contact you in regard to this? I can’t seem to find a private message option on here. I sent an email to what I’m hoping is your email address, but I’m not entirely sure if I got the right one.

Let me know, thanks!

Thanks - just sent you an email from my gmail account, keep an eye out for it!