Midwest m340i lease deal

MSRP 62405
Sale Price 55265
Rebates 4000 (college, loyalty, and lease)
Doc 799
TT&L 300
MF .00148 (they wont budge and admitted they’re marking this up)

Im getting a leasehakr score of 9.0 years, does this look decent to everyone here. I see some better deals out in california, but thats too far for me to drive.

Added calculator link:

post calculator link…

You’re not even showing monthly

Okay, i added the link.

What state is this? That doc fee is Floridian! If they’re admitting a profit on the MF markup, see if they can lower the selling price and see if they bite. The deal as is - it’s not bad

Solid for the Midwest

From dealers in Chicago area? I tried almost 10 dealers across IL&IN and couldn’t get below $720.

Is that with taxes and XDrive?
Any rebates your eligible such as graduate and loyalty?

11.5% is solid in midwest? i get 15% easily(2 days) in dmv area…

What year is the car? 19’ or 20’

15% is not an easy number to get on a new M340i… is that before or after incentives? If it’s before, you should jump on it.

ye my friend get that…