Midsize truck leases, Michigan. Toyota and Ford

Local Toyota dealer has a special near me, 229 a month 3995 das, 36/12k. 2019 model sr5 Tacoma.

Out of my range and too expensive for what it is. Just wondering what the rv, mf and incentives look like for a 2020 sr5 or sr, I’m ok with base options but 4wd is what I’m looking for. Last I read Tacoma’s were around 80%rv

Ford ranger xl is going for ridiculously high, got a quote for 2k down + taxes and fees, and 350 a month on an xl crew cab.

If anyone knew rv and mf on this that would help a lot. Incentive wise Ford has a lot more, and the big ones I’d qualify for (a plan, competitive lease, college student discount).

I’m looking to put 0 down and stay around the $200 mark. Can I lease either of these cars with that number in mind? Thank you for the help!

Zip: 48237

They cannot sorry my friend

Cruise the website here and see what folks are getting.

There are some tacos under 200, but I havent seen a 4x4 20 yet.

My credit score is pretty good, would this be reasonable? Adjusted price is from truecar.

Go to the edmunds forum and ask for the rv and mf on the cars you are looking for. Also, just ask a couple of dealers for quotes, and they will tell you the rv and mf.
Your 80% rv number sounds like what some people were getting on a 2 year Tundra lease, not a 3 year Tacoma.

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Doubt residual is 81% at 36. And MF is definitely too low if it’s a TFS lease.

Use Edmunds for real data

I can get you the sr5 for $275ish/mo with just first and my broker fee upfront. Shipping would be 5-700 from philly to Michigan

My sr deal you’ll be around 215-220/mo all in

I can beat that price as well, and am in the Ohio valley. PM Me if interested.

Offer sent by Toyota dealer:

Any good? Am I getting scammed? Thank you!