Midsize Luxury SUV/Crossover

Hey guys,
Any ideas which midsize SUV/luxury SUV e.g. Q5, X3, GLC leases the best for 36 months and is considered a good value for the cost and has loaner/demo possibility for addl discounts? My XC60 lease expires in June and I was hoping to try something new like GLC 300 Electric Hybrid, Polestar 3 but looks like they aren’t going to be there until late 2024. Also the EX90 reservations went nowhere :frowning:

Do you guys have to ever face a situation that you are waiting for a better car/suv and you had to lease/rent something in the interim? is it possible to lease or rent something for 6-12 months if you want to buy time(anticipated release) to buy/lease a better vehicle?

Try mazda cx90 PHEV, i had 2 cx9 mazdas before my eqe. I cant say nothing bad about them, they treated me good

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