Midsize luxury cars

Okay, great!! Because the VW dealership was calling and telling me to return the car and bahh… So, now this gives me time to think a bit.

Of course, they would also like you to not find this website so …

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You might want to find another dealer. Sounds like they are not being straight with you. You can return to any VW dealer.

If you have the money to pay, just return it and get a new one. It will hurt no matter what but at least you’re not going to pay alot. BTW, the $838 for a 530i is an amazing deal based on your situation. MAke sure, you know how you’ll be paying for the excess miles on top of that the other things you need to pay if car is damaged.

If the inspection results in charges associated with the previous repair, I’d revisit the warranty provided to you by the repair shop who fixed your car. Getting the inspection early will be helpful if it needs to be remedied. Hopefully, the dealer was exaggerating the damage to buy your car cheap and you will only be out the mileage.

Also, a lot of manufacturers will forgive a certain amount of excess wear and tear if you sign up on a new lease. See if VW offers that. Usually, makes under the same corporate umbrella will offer the forgiveness so you could inquire into whether Audi or Porsche has that going with VW leases.

Under this scenario, at least turn in you’re out the mileage overage ~$5,200 less maybe $500 forgiven…

Then just make sure you negotiate a leasehakr deal for the next car.

So, if the Audi dealer next door gives me a deal, I would still have to pay VW for going over the mileage? Just asking to be clear.

Yes you would, but not for the full amount described in your lease end inspection if they offer a forgiveness program. I’ve seen examples of this happening for Nissan-Infiniti for example.

Return the car to VW and pay penalties/overages. Trade car in to another dealer like Audi or BMW and then you get the negative equity discussed above.

And be extra careful of your cycle. If you lease a luxury midsize car. It seems like you’ll go over your mileage. and that will become expensive on your part. Just my 2 cents.

So, how do you guys stay within your limit? Houston is a big city! Since I’m married now and work at home now, I guess I can use my wife’s car for long distance trips or something along that line.

If you think you will still drive more than 15k/year, it’s probably better to buy/finance the car instead of leasing

Buy a cheap car. Check chevy cruze

For long trips (> 150 miles one-way), it’s an instant rental for me. Drop car off at Enterprise, transfer stuff, go on road trip, drive back to Enterprise, transfer stuff and drive my car home.

Check this tactic. Since you have a “complex” situation, you really need to read up on everything under Leasing 101 (top navigation)

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Sometimes someone types hundreds of characters and still has nothing to say

Haha, quote of my day!!!

I know, right? Don’t you hate it? :slight_smile:

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But what if they collect $199?

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And you send all those words to 100 dealers :wink: