Mid-size SUV with optional 3rd row?

Anyone know of some good deals currently on mid-size SUVs that can seat up to 7? I know there was an advertised deal on the main page for a GMC Acadia earlier this summer for something like $300/month, so I’d be looking for something similar to that as far as size goes. I’d like to keep the monthly price not much over $400 before TTL if possible.

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Check out the Highlander

Also cx9

The Highlander Hybrid is on my radar, but stupid Toyota doesn’t allow Android Auto in their cars, and their in-house infotainment system is crap. =/ Was not that impressed with a 2018 Rav4 Hybrid I drove earlier this summer.

With Maryland taxes? Good luck.

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Yeah, they suck for sure. Especially on a 24 month lease.

They’ve been blowing out Acadia’s up here and their best term is 24mo, but you’d have to check your regional incentives.

Isn’t the 2020 Acadia a redesign? Would make sense why they are discounting 2019s so much.

Yes, it looks waaaay different. I saw one the other day. Meh.

The base Acadia is a ~$300/mo car with supplier here.

Damn, $279/month for a $34.5k sticker Acadia. Though that’d be more like $360/month in MD with taxes.

Or is it just a facelift? It’s a bit early in the product cycle for an actual redesign.

Think I’ve narrowed my sights on a 2019 Honda Pilot. Will see what kind of numbers I can get…