MF, RV 2022 Tundra 1794

Looking for MF, RV and Dealer Invoice in Maine (04116)
Tundra-1794 4x4 CrewMax 5.5-Ft. Bed
Vehicle base model (MSRP) 60,690.00
Factory Installed Packages & Accessories $5,008.00
Quoted Total: $67,393.00

Any deals?

Welcome, but this isn’t the place to ask that.

Go to Edmunds for that.

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Say hi to YouTube for us

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sorry - i’m new to this. what about looking for deals?

Looks like you’re a super supporter. Use the lease program query, or the Edmunds forums to get that information.

Also look in the marketplace here for brokers who will be able to help you.

Go to the marketplace to scour the deals. You can see what the brokers are offering on various vehicles.

@Jrouleau426 might be close to you


Not exactly “close” but might be the best bet.

His inventory is Here.

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Feel free to text me for a lease quote. Prob looking in the mid 800s to lease a 1794 with msds. Tax tags fees inc for Maine.


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