MF/Residual for 2018 Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne Platinum (MSRP 74K)
20175 (Leesburg, VA)

Thank you!!

That’s not how this place works. Edmund’s is where you wanna go with this

There is nothing on Edmunds for 2018 Cayenne and they may not even have Porsche’s programs.

My bad, was they way it worked when I joined a long time ago. That said, I can’t find the info on Edmunds.

For anyone interested, I got the info: residual .60 and MF is .0023

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There’s a new Sheriff in town and he looks like a bear

Porsche - low residual, high MF, just the opposite of what you want …

He wasn’t addressing me, you dummy.

Yeah Porsche’s are terrible leases. My buddy insists on this car so I’m helping him out. Dealers were trying to get him for 7400 down and 930 a month on a 76K MSRP car.

39/12K RV=60% doesn’t sound too low to me Most of other made are usually at 55% range, right? or I missed something. MF is definitely high tho.

I’d imagine shopping regionally for Porsche is the only way to go. If it’s a new car, who cares where you get it from, and at that price point, shipping costs are minimal cost in the big picture.

Check out each dealers local website for offers, they all seem to have at least 1 Macan or Cayenne deal often ex-loaners which most seem to still offer for lease.