MF and residual on a Jeep Patriot?

Hi - Michael I don’t know how to tag you here… do you happen to have the MF and residual on a Jeep Patriot - probably a Latitude with High Altitude package, but I am open to all models . It’s in Los Angeles, CA.

Thank you!

2016 Patriot Latitude FWD, 36/10K
55% residual
.00014 MF

Subtract 1% for 36/12K. Subtract 3% for 36/15K.

The following incentives can be applied toward leases:

$500 California BC Lease Cash 71LG1
$500 Presidents’ Day Bonus Cash 41CG6A
$500 California Chrysler Capital 2016 Bonus Cash CACG5

Thanks so much Michael. These are the actual numbers I (finally) got:

2016 Jeep Patriot Latitude (has leather seats and power seats and windows, but no navigation *which I’m fine without).

MSRP: $25670
Sale Price: $23,470
MF: .00012
36 / 10K
55% Residual
Residual Value: $14,119
Rebate: $2500 *(the dealer actually went over the details of these rebates and they are definitely for a lease, and he found 2 more than the ones that you have listed :slightly_smiling:
Standard Drive offs: $750
License / Reg. fee: $371.75
Acquisition Fee: $595
Cap Cost: $21,644.35

Payment pre-tax (monthly) $213.34
Payment including tax: $232.54

I had done the math with everything except the “standard drive offs” and it came out MUCH lower. What exactly is “standard drive offs” ? And even though the math I did came out to like $175 a month including tax, this is still the lowest number I’ve gotten.

What I’m wondering here is:

  1. Do you all think there is any room to negotiate this already low price anywhere?

  2. What is “standard drive offs” ?

  3. This is a pretty good deal (compared to all of the other numbers I’ve gotten other places at like $289 a month with the drive offs rolled into the payment… right?

Thank you all again so so so so much for all of your help!