Mercedex C300 2018 Loaner

Hi guys this is my first post here, any help will be appreciated.

2018 C300 4700 miles (not 4 MATIC) with
premium package (rearview camera, keyless entry, No Navigation etc)
Original Price $42000
Current Selling Price $32800
36 mo, 10k miles, money factor 0.00078 = 1.87%

Fee $695, Registration 73, tax of full car price: 1416

I get offered:
$390 monthly, 0 down, $695 fee rolled into monthly pmt
I pay: 390(first mo)+73(govt)+1417(tax) today = 1417 today.

I can probably negotiate the MSRP to $30800 (another 6% off), which is 2000 lower than the ad price.
In that case with 0 down, my monthly is 333, tax is about another 100 bucks lower.

Is this a decent deal? What MSRP I should target for? Thanks.

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Why not go for 2019 C300 Loaner? Residual on the 2018 is dire. For reference here is the deal I got in June last year on 2018 C300 loaner.

MSRP: [$48xxx]
Selling Price: [$35xxx]
Rebates: $1250

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [0.0008]
MSD: 10
Residual: [58%]

Total Due At Signing: [$317: first month] + MSD
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$317]

7% sales tax rate (tax on full sales price)

:anguished:Sadly the 2019 loaners are not available in my area D.C/VA. I see the one you have is a much better deal(lower monthly payment). If I were to get the 2018 loaners I should aim at least the same monthly payment as you do. Is my rate high because I’m getting ripped off the inflated MSRP or low residual?

Low residual. Current residual on 2018 C300 is 53% I believe vs 58% on 2019. Also 2019 has rebate.

You could probably pull that kind of payment on a 2018 340i if you are open to BMW.

thank you benefcb. Looks like I definitely should shoot for lower monthly pmt.

Unfortunately, Mercedes is not going to lease well this month, especially if you compare it to some BMW deals out there.

what’s the price excl tax?

Roughly $243/month. Deal was done in GA with tax on loaners being on the full sales price (~$2500 tax).

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and that was 0 down? jesus you got such a good deal.

I’m also interested in a 2019 c300 loaner! Any suggestions or things I should target when trying to negotiate this car?

How come Mercedes isn’t gonn lease well this month ?

They switched to the refreshed C Class months ago so most of the better deals were back then, and BMW normally target leasing with better incentives.