Mercedes with best residual? Still anything diesel?

My favorite brand is Mercedes. Which model is the best one to lease valuewise? Still a diesel anything?

The GLE has good residuals, or did last month. $63k was about $590 a month.

Thanks, Ed! I will look into that model.

Steno, I was able to lease a well equipped E300 for 585 with only first months payment due at signing. It had a residual of 61% at 36/12k. Others got similar deals. You should be able to easily eclipse the 1% rule on a number of MB models if you work the deal.

How do you define value? Lowest payment? Lowest payment relative to MSRP? And surely you have a budget…who doesn’t? And surely you have needs/preferences in a car beyond what gets deducted from your bank every month?

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For a CI it is always this Merc …great cockpit

Depends - what lease term / mileage?

IIRC MBZ has, from time to time, very attractive rates (high residuals like 70%+ and lowish MF) for odd terms like 27 or 30 month terms, but then you get caught out shelling out for tags for the third year that you get only partial benefit of.

60% RV is barely useful for good payments unless there is significant haircut on the mrsp to compensate.

Apologies, I don’t have any figures -there are others that can help you with that, but help them to help you by giving some parameters that you want to work within

Good luck with the search

I’m in the market for an E400 coupe, and looking at the web site now, I’m noticing that residuals seem REALLY bad:

Gross cap cost: $61,576
End of lease purchase option: $33,069
= 53.7% residual!!

And this is at 10k miles per year!

Any idea why the residual value is so appallingly low?

Your calculation is probably wrong, unless the gross cap cost they list is also the MSRP. RV is based on MSRP, not cap cost.

In that case it would be even worse:

MSRP of $62,395 vs repurchase option at $33,069 = $52.9%

Are residuals just especially bad for coupes?

Or does residual value for leasing purposes have nothing to do with purchase option? I always thought they were connected.

Thanks for your help!

It’s 53% which makes sense considering that everyone wants an SUV right now.

Or a pickup. I was a little surprised to see the Colorado with >70% RV.

residuals are usually worse for coupes