Mercedes White Interior Maintenance


I wanted to get some advice from fellow owners of MB White Interior Cars? How dirty does it get?Is it easy to clean? How hard is it to maintain for a 3 year lease?

Mb Tex? Almond or Machiatto?


Neva Grey yes mb-tex

Try Tilex.

I had white leather in a previous vehicle and it didn’t take any extra effort to keep looking clean.

On the other hand, both of my current cars have black interiors, which is how I know when my chronic dandruff is back.

No problem with almond MBtex over 9 years across 2 cars. A little bit of dye transfer from jeans when brand new. But cleans very easily.

What cleaning product do you use?

Nothing special or needs to be ordered. Whichever vinyl cleaner I have on hand. Chemical Guys, Griot’s Garage, etc typical OTC retail products.

I know lots of people on other forums even use baby wipes for white vinyl such as Tesla interior.