Mercedes to eliminate most coupes and wagons

Okay, I understand getting rid of most of the coupes (I think the C-Class ones have always been… unimpressive), but it seems like the brand will also get rid of all wagons. It’s kind of sad b/c I’ve always considered the E-Class wagon to be my dream car. Oh, well.


I never understood why were coupes invented. Convertible SUVs make more sense. Personally, its sad to see wagons go ( RS6 Avant one day!) but I bet the demand doesn’t justify keeping them financially.

I think coupes were more interesting when sedans were all upright and boxy. Mercedes, will their pillar-less windows and seat-belt presenters, were especially desirable (IMHO).

Functionally, there is little reason to keep making wagons when SUVs are so popular. Agree that it’s just… sad.

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Yeah, they look sleek , much better than sedans and I guess it’s ok to transport rear passengers once in a blue moon. With the introduction of “4 door coupe” ( was Cls the first one? ) their only strength were threatened . Now , entire car segment declining , it’s not surprising coupés are first to go. I had a 2011 e coupe, purchased 70% of its market value couple years ago. it was a fine car for a single male living in La city. Would I have purchased it brand new ? No.

The ongoing slow death of the wagon is upsetting. It’s one of those annoying situations where people swap out their C/E class sedan for a GLC/GLE so sales of those SUV’s dramatically increase. Meaning production is focused on those high profit vehicles meaning less supply of wagons. Less wagons made = less incentives for buyers and thus much higher leases. So when you’re thinking swapping out your C (in EU/Canada) or E class wagon - it’s much more financially sensible to ‘upgrade’ to an SUV. And given folks like a higher ride height anyway…

Get your E63 Wagon now before it becomes even more of a collectors item.

Looked like that was European wagons. E Class wagon still has a strong following here, also it’s Mercedes most loyal customer base. I wonder if any brokers have seen resentment from E-class wagon owners with the new raised and cladded model?


It’s a good question - I feel like with Volvo, the Cross Country versions of the wagons have been far more popular (still considerably less than the XC60/XC90 though) but again, a V60 CC nearly always costs way more than an XC60, at least in terms of leasing, so someone really has to want a wagon to spend a lot more than a comparative XC60.

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With every day that passes, I wish I had kept my E450 wagon than getting the RX.

I remain convinced one of the reason for killing wagons is the price. Wagon versions of cars typically sold for a small premium over the sedan. Look at the price delta between a Civic and CRV. SUVs are just more profitable, leading to automakers pushing them over wagons. Consumer demand is partially driven by advertisements and what vehicles the car makers try to sell.

That all said, todays crossovers aren’t anything like SUVs of old. They are basically just lifted wagons.


I test drove the new E450 all terrain wagon this past weekend. It drove pretty nice. Great air suspension and the inline 6 has plenty of power. My V90 Cross Country feels more elevated and bulkier than the Mercedes. It was nice, but also pricey!

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Pretty much. Can’t say that the E-Class coupe or the 4-Series look that much better than the coupesedan versions. Although the 4-door coupes are going the way of the dodo bird at MB, too. I basically think MB is making it clear that the see the future as autonomous driving, on-line services, and that most buyers just don’t care about the wrapper (exterior).

Do you mean that a bigger price differential would’ve been in the wagon’s favor? Maybe it depends on the segment, but my own memory is that, in recent times, wagons also generally cost more than the equivalent SUV (as @Bjam) mentioned.

I think most Americans just have a weird aversion to things that are unapologetically functional and practical. But lift it a few inches, add some bulky undercladding, create ads making it looks “outdoorsy” and… voila!

And then, as you mention, the final nail in the coffin is

So no need to get a regular-height one when everyone wants to sit higher (in part b/c of visibility and in part b/c of the arms race to feel safer in a collision w/ another SUV) and when modern cars handle well enough that most will not notice the neg effects of the higher ride height of the SUV?

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To my knowledge there’s only been one factory built convertible SUV model (by Nissan), which was a flop.

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100% of people who tell me they like SUVs and don’t like wagons cite “ride height”. But if they made a sedan that sat as high as a tractor trailer, nobody would buy that either.



Don’t forget the other flop Evoque.


The fact that he forgot is a sign of just how floppy it was! :wink:

So i guess nobody told Polestar…? Although I actually have seen a few.

I have to say that, to a certain extent, sedans have never made that much sense to me. Wagons, SUVs, minivans, whatever, all so useful for people and cargo. Sedans? Meh. :wink:

The P*2 has the same stature as the Volt imo

Didn’t Range Rover do one also?


In recent times, yes. Wagons have been much more expensive but that’s not how it used to be. For example, look at prices for the Taurus wagon in it’s last production year in 2005. At a time when a somewhat smaller Explorer started at above $27k, I don’t think It’s surprising Ford would prefer to sell that over a top trim Taurus wagon for under $24k.

Performance is definitely sacrificed in a raised SUV but it’s a comfortable ride as opposed to body on frame SUVs of old.

This is actually a reasonable concern since physics remain undefeated. You just don’t want to be in a crash where the other vehicle weighs a ton (or more) more than you. With the proliferation of full size SUVs and trucks, it’s increasingly likely if you get in a crash it will be with a full size vehicle. Add to that that full sized pickups are overwhelmingly driven by more dangerous drivers (men), and you have valid reason to want to be in a heavy vehicle for safety.


Yep, one of the early gen Murano’s. IIRC there were rumors circulating that the only reason the vehicle made it into production was because the CEO (at the time) had pushed for it, for several years. The story was that his wife had really wanted an SUV convertible…