Mercedes Third Party Lease buyout California - Title takes 3 weeks to arrive?

Hey so I intend to buy my leased C300 at the end of its lease next month and resell it to a third party.

My understanding is that if I buy my leased vehicle and sell it to a third party within 10 days, then sales/use tax is only due form the third party buyer. 11.085 Leased Vehicles - California DMV

I’ve spoken to MBFS multiple times now and they’ve said it will take them 3-4 weeks to get the title to me. This means I wont be able to sell it within 10 days and will end up paying sales tax myself (in addition to the buyer paying it)

Some questions:
1: Has anyone had success convincing MBFS to send the title over sooner?
2: Is it possible to sell the car without the title in hand? What does this process look like?

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