Mercedes Return lease waiver

Hey guys.

While my current lease ends end of this month and if I were to lease another MB from different dealer BEFORE my current lease ends, am I still elligible for the wear and tear waiver or loyalty?

Called MBFS and they tell me I could, but they wont give me in writing.

My dealershop completey ignores my calls, wont transfer my calls because Im signing with a different dealership. This is absurd…

What wear and tear waiver?

According to its website, if you are replacing your off-lease vehicle with a new Mercedes-Benz, they will credit your account for excess wear and use charges up to $500. It should not matter if you use a different dealer.

Why not just return your current lease to the dealership you’re leasing the new car from?

So you decided to ask strangers on the internet? :thinking:


@Won_Choi - I turned in my MB lease last month and re-leased again with them…The credited $500 towards damages (these were pointed out by AutoVIN that came out for pre-inspection) as well as lease turn in fees for $595. If you still have few $100s over that credit amount, I’d call MBFS and they should be able to waive those charges as they did for me. But it’s really a call for MBFS and not the dealer…The dealer will simply take ur leased car and ground it.

@Jon The excess damage waiver up to $500

@cruiserchuck Thank you, however my current lease is still ongoing. Can that waiver be applied on the lease im signing ?

@ctnyc Unfortunately my last payment went through before I tried.

@Open_Stack Yes but in my case, Im leasing another one before current lease ends. So this is basically up to MBFS but they wont give me straight answer so Im worried

If you are not turning in your current lease at the same time you are leasing the new car, then I do not believe you would qualify for the damage waiver or the turn in fee waiver. It would seem to make financial sense to wait until your current lease is up to lease the new car.

FYI the $500 damage waiver doesn’t apply if you lease a new demo car. I was surprised in January when I had to pay $200 for a scrape on the lower front bumper. Couldn’t get MBFS to waive it.

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Time for a class-action lawsuit against MBFS!

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You have 60 days to lease a new MB from the current lease return date to qualify for the $500 credit and deposition fee waiver. You don’t have to lease a new MB when you return to your current lease. You will get 60 shop around.

Yes however I want to lease one before the return date. Do you think MBFS will see my new lease and say “Oh you leased one recently, sure let me waive these fees?”



There should not be a requirement that in order to take advantage of these waivers that you sign the contract for the new car on the exact same day that you turn in your existing lease.

Why not just call MB Financial and triple check, tell them you’re picking up your new Mercedes a week or two before you’re turning in your current lease, and you want to make sure the waivers will still apply.

I have leased 2 Mercedes and each time, I re-leased another one. I never had to deal with wear and tear. Granted, I have no damage to the car. Brought my old car to the dealership, negotiate a new one and they just buy my old lease.

For one of the lease, I did the same even when I am still in year 2 out of a 3 year lease.