Mercedes Money Factor markup

Hello LH Community,
Trying to lease a MB GLS 450, dealer seems to Mark up Money factor at .00285 for a 36 X 12K miles. Edmunds forum puts it at .00105 for 36 X 12K mile for December program…

What is the best way to negotiate this?
Will calling MBFS direct help?

They have not run my credit, i have Tier A/1. What are my best options. Any input would be appreciated.


Dealers are allowed to mark up the money factor to some degree. As long as it falls within what MBFS allows, they won’t care; it will do no good to contact MBFS.

Some dealers will not negotiate from their “set” money factor. If that is the case, you simply find a new dealer or bite the bullet.

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Thank You. I called MBFS and the agent tells me i can call them back to have this vehicle leased from them while at the dealer. meaning i fill out ap with MBFS for a lease instead of doing this at the dealer. is this true?

The MB dealer processes the lease through MBFS. You cannot lease directly from MBFS without a dealers involvement.

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I’m thinking the agent was referring to you are able to lease the vehicle with MBFS, through the dealership…

Thanks Jon and Zaimer. So even if i call MBFS (Currently leasing a MB) while at the dealership, they wont be able to do anything for me as far the MF is concerned. I am basically SOL if the dealer don’t budge.


The rep and you are not on the same page. You can fill it out directly with MBFS, but it still gets sent to the dealer of your choice and the dealer can still mark up the MF. MBFS is just pre-approving you.

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Correct. Again, under the assumption that the mark up (amount) is allowed by MBFS, which I would be surprised if it isn’t. They most likely wouldn’t fund the deal if the dealer wasn’t abiding by the rules…

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Thank You all.

No you’re not. Find another dealer.

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Hi There,
I meant with this particular dealer that has a car i want with delivery by Jan 1st. Else most dealers say around March timeframe. I will need to look for another brand of SUV if GLS450 does not work out by Jan.

Run the lease numbers with base MF and compare numbers against the marked up MF. Is the dealer selling you the GLS at MSRP?

Might be your best bet.

yes, they are selling at MSRP which is why i believe they are marking up the MF to .00285!. I ran it in the LH calculator and it matches. If i would get the Edmunds recommended mf .00105 i would not even debate and get that car. Although it is probably not the best deal as there is no such thing with MB at this point.

How much extra per month does the marked up MF add to your monthly? I would call the Sales Manager or whomever you were dealing with (as long as they can make a decision on the spot) and counter with base MF. You can add that if they agree to the deal, you will fill out a credit app and put down a refundable deposit to show that you are ready to move quickly.

They might end up not budging much from the marked up MF, but at least you know you gave it a shot.

I just did that :slight_smile: i said base MF .00105 and will agree. I forgot to tell them i have fleet 1K off as well. But will wait to see if they agree for base mf. It adds about 200+ dollars per month

@Bluemkn57cars mike took your advise and dealer came back with .00160 and that’s mbfs is the lowest :-p he said. Is he making this stuff up? i don’t know. I always assumed Edmunds gives u the base mf.

When did you post in the Edmunds thread? Is this December’s MF for the GLS?

EDIT: Per Edmunds, it looks like base MF for A1 credit is 0.00150 and not 0.00105 as you posted.


Not the first or last time a dealer could be mistaken or fudging numbers.

Now you have to decide whether that small markup in MF is worth walking away from the dealer’s offer.

YOU ARE CORRECT! i do not know why i read it as .00105 :slight_smile: but it worked out. The dealer came back with .00160. Its about 40 dollars more a month. Now i just need to make sure i am happy with the build. its missing few things i want and has things i dont care for. Car is available for pick up now :slight_smile: Vs all other dealers with the march time frame. Thanks Mike for the sharp eye!!! appreciate your input.


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